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Sun Nov 04, 2018 3:28 pm
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Hi. Thank you for developing this awesome game. I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. That said, I have a wishlist of items that I would love to be in the game..

- 1 HDU for all departments. Hospitals generally do not have separate HDU for each speciality
- Shared Cardiography and Sonography across all departments. Again, generally these units are not separate for each department
- Blood pressure taking, Chest ascultation, palpation, physical exam done at bedside. In reality, patients are not sent to a diagnostic unit just for blood pressure
- Patients collapsing in ward sent to HDU if ICU bed is unavailable.
- Heart monitoring available in HDU
- Chest X-ray to reveal TB, pneumonia.
- Nearby staff to attend to collapse patients. I have observed walk-in patients collapse at reception and the reception nurse ignored the patient because a doctor from further away has been designated to attend to them
- All treatments to be available to ICU. I have patients who are unable to receive Ice packs or B-complex supplements because they are in ICU, not orthopaedics or Internal Medicine.
- Ability to transfer patient to a lower level of hospitalisation. Patients who have been judged stable enough should be allowed to be transferred out of ICU back to HDU or regular ward. The current system means that many patients are sent to HDU and ICU, leaving regular wards very empty.
- Payment for radiology services, higher payment for ICU and HDU hospitalisation
- 1 laboratory for all departments.
- Mobile workstations usable anywhere. Currently, doctors will walk all the way back to a diagnostic unit to enter treatments in the mobile workstation there, even if there is one in the regular ward or in the corridor.
- Dedicated radiology services for hospitalisation use (i.e. emergency and ICU, whose patients are often critically ill and need immediate intervention)
- Portable services that can be brought to the patient's bedside instead of transporting the patient to them (i.e. Dialysis, x-ray, ultrasound)
- Nurses to do certain procedures (i.e. ECG, bandages, ice pack)
- Ability to prioritise treatment and examinations for patients. I had to resort to having 2 day surgical teams, 1 night surgical team, and 2 OTs for cardiology because very often a patient with non-critical cardiovascular surgery is sent for surgery first instead of the cardiac tamponade patient, resulting in the patient dying while waiting for urgent surgery.
- Nurses and doctors with surgery-related skills to prioritise critical surgery treatment procedure ahead of everything else. Often my patients died waiting for surgery because the nurses or doctors were busy with other patients
- Faster skill progression. I understand medical professionals do not develop their skills at light speed but for gameplay purposes please increase the speed of progression. Currently, it is almost painful.
- Janitors are very inefficient, even with high efficiency skill. They often clean areas that look very clean first, while leaving obviously dirty areas to last.
- A list of all staff. It is a little hard to follow what staff you already have.
- Patients to go toilet at night when toilet need critical. This often massively reduces prestige at night
- Staff of incoming shift to take over completely before outgoing shift leaves. This is extremely wierd currently as doctors and nurses will drop attending to trauma cases to go home before next shift comes.
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