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Cars/Food/Uniform etc. Empty Cars/Food/Uniform etc.

Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:44 am
1) Cars. You may add some sort of a parking lot at least. It's unrealistic, that all staff and patients just walks  to the hospital. They used buses or cars or subway ?
2) Uniform. It's also pretty unrealistic, that your doctors come to the hospital wearing the uniform. You may add the function, which make staff to change clothes in their lockers. Btw you have weather aspect - rains, which isn't affect to the clothes.
3) Food. Your staff uses fridges and  vending machines to eat, some waiting patients use just a vending machines. While hospitalized guys eats only a medicines Laughing . You may add the food sets, which are delivered by nurses.
4) Toilets. While usual hospitalized patients could use the usual hospital toilets, that's fair enough - they walks, also don't have serious problems, etc. But the HDU and ICU patient are unable to use toilets in theory. But HDU patient easily walks to regulat toilet, despite to pain, serious health damage. That's unrealistic.
5) Unique rooms. First hours of gaming are pretty fun, but when you open 2/3 of departaments, you realize, that all departaments are the same, only 2 of them have unique rooms, while others - are just copy-pasting.
6) Lack of colours, decoration.
7) Bank credit. You have to pay that money everyday, but the total amount to return isn't decrease.
8\ Roration function. At least like in SimCity 4 game.

excellent tycoon game, btw.
Inge Jones
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Cars/Food/Uniform etc. Empty Re: Cars/Food/Uniform etc.

Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:07 am
The travel situation might seem unrealistic in the USA, with all the cheap land, but very realistic for London. If London hospital staff are able to use cars at all in our gridlocked roads, they'd have to park a few streets away and walk, since hospitals are reluctant to keep empty land for car parks, and where they do, the price of using them is outside the reach of most staff (usually staff no longer get free spaces)
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Cars/Food/Uniform etc. Empty Re: Cars/Food/Uniform etc.

Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:45 pm
Our hospital has many buildings, car parks aren't right beside the main one. But, parking is free for all staff and patients.
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Cars/Food/Uniform etc. Empty Re: Cars/Food/Uniform etc.

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