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Suggestion - More options for Deptartments with head doctor - two examples included Empty Suggestion - More options for Deptartments with head doctor - two examples included

Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:00 am
There are two options that I believe should be provided for any department that has a head doctor:

The can either come in the form of an automatic perk/capability the doctor has, or a new screen that you can open and adjust accordingly.

1. The ability to balance patients.

As an example:
My emergency service has 6 doctor surgerys. For the entire day it looks like this:

Dr 1 - 4 patients, 2 of which have left. (neg trait - hedonist)
Dr 2 - 2 patients, both have left. (neg trait - unpleasant note: odd because they have the comforting trait, too)
Dr 3 - 6 patients, all have left. (neg trait - germaphobe)
Dr 4 - 5 patients, 4 have left. (neg Trait - alcaholic)
Dr 5 - no patients (neg trait - alcaholic)
Dr 6 - no patients (neg trait - hedonist)

When the clock ticked over, across my practices, 9 patients went untreated. 5 of which were in emergency (two specialist cases). This has gone up as high as 20 with 9 being in emergency.
There are similar issues in Orthopedic & GS as well.

On the second day there were 11 untreated patients with 10 of them being in general surgery. There were four doctors, two surgeons, etc, and they were also quite unbalanced.

If the Head Doctor gave the ability to auto-balance patients, this would make a lot of sense, as it's one thing a head doctor would do.

i've also noticed that often a noticable number of the patients sent home are high priority - which makes no sense. Someone with a gallblader about to explode shouldn't be left untreated

2. Ability to re-assign high priority cases

With a reception & a head doctor, patients who are high priority should be auto assigned to doctors or other departments, so that at COB there's not a big list of high priority cases left untouched.

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