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Symptom Proliferation without Collapse Empty Symptom Proliferation without Collapse

Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:33 pm
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I am looking at adding symptom progression - for example 'open wound' untreated leads to 'infected wound' which untreated leads to 'sepsis' and then 'septic shock' as normal.

I can add collapse symptoms already, but is there any way to force an untreated symptom to generate another non-collapse symptom?

I've attached a bad example where I tried to make every illness generate 'Unconciousness', which works fine. When I try to change the added symptom to 'Wheezing' it doesn't work. I gather this is because it's not a collapse symptom, but is there a reason for this? Is it possible to make it work with other symptoms? I realise there are complications in terms of diagnosis if a symptom could recur, but I'm curious about extending/adjusting the existing symptoms/illnesses.

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