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DLC  Different Health Insurance Classes Empty DLC Different Health Insurance Classes

on Fri Aug 03, 2018 11:01 pm
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In The Netherlands we have different classes of health insurance. You have the standard class where you get a standard room (often to share with others) with standard health care. But you also have a class where you get a private luxe room with extended care. I assume in other countries you will have the same and some countries might have even more classes. In a lot of countries you don’t have an obligated health insurance and people depend on free clinics.

In time I hope to see a DLC who covers all those insurance classes. With it you can build an almost unlimited kinds of hospitals. So you could go for a goal like an hospital for the rich and famous with luxurious large private rooms with private nurses , a la carte food and security. But you could also go for a free clinic, where money is always tight and you will have to make some serious moral decisions.

The most interesting can be an hospital who combines most classes, so you can finance your free clinic with your profits from the private clinic. On the other hand you can train your staff at the free clinic (of course under supervision of some experienced staff). Old equipment you can transfer from your private clinic to your private clinic etc. But be careful not to make your free clinic too good because people might cancel their expensive health insurance and in the long run you will get into financial problems.

I’m curious what your opinion is about such kind of DLC.
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DLC  Different Health Insurance Classes Empty Re: DLC Different Health Insurance Classes

on Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:10 am
That's interesting about the private rooms, where I work all patients (unless in HDU) get a private room to help stop the spread of infection.
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