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Tue Nov 06, 2018 2:41 pm
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Hello fellow fans,
I considered it a good idea to make a thread in which we bundle all the suggestions made to improve existing game mechanics (the addition of new mechanics is included but of a secondary importance right now. I will assemble as many as I can think of and find on this forum and steam. Feel free to post below any that you want added to the OP, it would make my life easier.
Disclaimer: none of the below should be interpreted as an order or demand. These are simply ideas on how to improve game mechanics that in some cases are significantly "broken".

-AI decision making on treatment, specifically observation. Once observation comes online people who would otherwise be out the door in an hour are referred to observation to discover symptoms like broken bones or Urological problems. This needs to be tweaked or we need to be able to set parameters for admission to wards
-Setting of parameters for referrals to specialized clinics. Once patients go through the Emergency clinic they stay there for way to long in my opinion with diagnoses which are specialist care. We need to be able to set a threshold of the amount of possible diagnoses belonging to a department at which the patient is referred to that department. This way we free up Emergency for new cases
-ICU patients need to be investigated by specialist departments. Patients die because they cant get the specific examinations. Allow clinics to send Dr's to the ICU for specialist consultation

-The Emergency department is a weird artificial construct in my opinion. I know it depends on your local system but to me Emergency means urgent care required. So here we should see those patients that have (possible) broken bones, open wounds or other severe problems. There is ofc the difference between walk in and immobile. clinic/trauma. The other side (and most of what the Emergency department handles in game right now) is cases handled in real life by a family doctor or General Practitioner. Bruises, simple infections, flu, hay fever, deficiencies that sort of stuff. The Emergency department should be focused on the Trauma center and a connected Emergency clinic. We should have a new department representing GP's offices for day to day work. This is probably where the lab would fit in

-Separation of labs makes little sense. Apart from one or two specialized labs one STATlab should be able to handle all departments. I have never see a RL hospital with more than one lab. Merge all labs to one (maybe separate Neuro?) and put them under a new department maybe

-Common rooms, toilets and cleaning closets should all be part of a Facilities department.

-General ability for the player to influence hospital workings is limited. we need to be able to set parameters and policy's on things like standard treatment for diagnoses, referals, admission etc

-Diseases not physically visible (Crohn, Lyme, Thyroid malfunction etc) should be verified by blood work. You cant prescribe potentially harmful medication just because everything looks like a certain diagnosis. Such diagnoses should never reach 100% without lab work.

Low or additions
-Generic personnel transfer between departments. Pretty straightforward, a lab technician or nurse needs to me transferred so you can adjust to demand
-More graps and info about patient throughput, types of diagnoses made, tests done and equipment required.
-An onsite pharmacy.
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