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ICU + radiology and better "guidance" Empty ICU + radiology and better "guidance"

Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:00 am
It is very difficult to earn a profit in this game, please make radiology and ICU cost money per visit per night or use. this way, we could help displace the amount of $ expenses. Also raising the cap for ambulance to 3 would be great. I find it difficult figuring out why so many people are not getting treatment. sometimes it is the ER sometimes internal med and sometimes general surgery. is it the offices getting overwhelmed or the stat lab or waited too long for radiology? ? it is very hard for players to figure out when they have too many departments to manage... Maybe on the untreated patient have a line in the profile saying "waited too long for lab/doctor offices/ etc. another thing that is annoying personally is that most of the departments have the exact same room and requirement... maybe add more content on the medical side? or make certain room sharable with other departments like the lab, ward, OR, cardiography/sonography units. some addition(s) in these areas would make the game much more playable other than bugs. But great game!!
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