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Making Janitors Into Orderlies - What Does Not Work Empty Making Janitors Into Orderlies - What Does Not Work

Wed Nov 14, 2018 12:31 am
I edited EmployeeRoles.xml in two sections, and got the new box to appear for Patient Transfer on janitors.  I got the two boxes to be able to be checked and unchecked.  Then I hired four janitors and set them to Patient Transfer only.  They very thoroughly cleaned the floor, while my nurses set to Patient Transfer did the heavy pushing.  Obviously something is missing.  Why do I care, you ask?  Because I want my Patient Transfer nurses to wear a different color uniform from my Patient Care nurses and I don't know how to do that, either.  This seemed more straightforward.   Laughing


           <OccupationRef>OCCUPATION_JANITOR</OccupationRef> <== added to enable on janitors

       <OnlyHospitalization>false</OnlyHospitalization> <= toggled to allow box to work on janitors
       <AlwaysChecked>false</AlwaysChecked> <= added to make it on janitors not always checked
   <GameDBEmployeeRole ID="EMPL_ROLE_CLEANING">

       <AlwaysChecked>false</AlwaysChecked> <== toggled to make it able to be checked and unchecked
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