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Minor/quick tweaks Empty Minor/quick tweaks

on Wed May 08, 2019 11:42 pm
i am putting this up as minor/quick tweaks - this is a simple quick changes

1: add ultrasound to Xray department (this is very common in UK and some countries) - the departmental ultrasound will be still exists if xray department does not have it or in use

2: add recovery ward for sugery - simllar to Ob ward which releases patient to appropite ward of department or within surgery department

3: rename common room to Staff break room (reflects better name for all department)

5: add MISC department - this contains Staff break room (above) and other rooms that is for all departmental

6: tweak elevator to allow removal of unwanted stop - example you have two elevators - one serves all floors as Public but other elevator only servers floors 1 and 2 and 3 as department only

Free to add Minor tweaks on here - its will helpful for devs to find minor tweaks that can be sorted
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Minor/quick tweaks Empty Re: Minor/quick tweaks

on Thu May 16, 2019 9:34 am
Hello! Thanks for your suggestions!

1.) ultrasound in Radiology - well, we have already discussed this option/possibility but it seems to us as an unnecessary duplicate of sonography units. maybe in the future we will add some changes to it.

2.) during very first design stages of development we had created certain model of what would operating theatres need to proper functioning. we had there also pre-op units and post-op units as well. In fact there is no interesting feature that would better the gameplay - if the post-op unit would exist it would represent only the rest & transfer unit after surgery - all its functions are merged in respective wards (normal, hdu, icu) of proper department. there will be place for post-op unit (recovery ward) if operating theatres would exist as department (like radiology or medical laboratories department).

3.) maybe we will reconsider renaming common room in the future Wink

4.) there is no "4." :-D

5.) we are actually working on adding new department that unites all laboratories - it will be implemented during the prepared "big patch". Any new departments will show up in the future DLCs.

6.) we have already implemented som changes to elevators - also will show up in the "big patch"

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