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Restricting a Radiology Room to a Department Empty Restricting a Radiology Room to a Department

on Tue May 21, 2019 11:06 pm
Hi, I've been playing the game for several months now.

I realized that when radiology is concerned, the AI routing is quite terrible at choosing radiological examination room. For example, a patient from Trauma Center ended up being transported half a map across to get X-ray exam - despite that there's a free X-ray room right next to the TC. To add on top of that, the X-ray room near the TC is rarely used, and when it does, it's often being used to exam patients from a further ward. It seems that distance is not really considered by the AI at all. This led to patients collapsing or dying because they can't get examed and treated in a timely manner.

I think that fixing the routing might create more unforeseen problems for some people, but the alternative could be an option to restrict a radiology room to a particular department. For example, since there's already an option to restrict an X-ray room for clinic/hospitalized patients, by allowing players to restrict the radiology room to Emergency Department while having the hospitalized patient-only checked, you're effectively allowing only TC patients to be examed in the X-ray room closest to the TC. Similarly, you can check off the Emergency Department from X-ray room on the opposite side of the map so that TC patients will not be transported half a map across while allowing patients from other departments to use the said room.

Is there's anything you can do to tackle with this relatively well-known problem?
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Restricting a Radiology Room to a Department Empty Re: Restricting a Radiology Room to a Department

on Wed May 22, 2019 2:28 pm
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Hi, thanks for the message and the suggestion! We can definitely discuss this with the designers - some ways to have more control over the radiology rooms could be helpful in these specific cases, although this wouldn't be a small change (there's a lot of functionality connected to room/staff selection). One possibility would be to use the employee roles system, radiologists can be already set to only work with clinic/hospitalized patients, so a couple more specific roles could be the solution.
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