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[NEED MORE INFO] bug list 1.1 Empty [NEED MORE INFO] bug list 1.1

on Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:29 pm
- language settings are not saved properly. start game -> it is in german -> loading savegame -> game  is in english -> go back to menu, select german language, select savegame again ->  then it's german
occurs not all starts but mostly

- patients can be transferred to icu when you have the the room/beds but not the assigned stuff to it (so icu is closed)  -> check if icu is opened before transferring patients to that department

- staff can have contradictory attributes like "clean feet" and "dirty feet" at the same time ->implemet a check which prevent that

- pathfinding for staff going to toilet is broken. staff often choose toilets which are fa far raway from actual position

- if you load a scenary from steam workshop with more then 4 floors but have not edited the twealable.xtml file you will load only the downer 4 floors and game is broken very bad -> make the floor number adjustable in ingame-setttings or stick it to scenary/game

- a room can have critical load ad night when you have no staff assigned to it for nigt shift

- the room usage (high, critical etc.) can not not be read if funiture is placed at the same space the text is placed

no bug but something to look into:
the new insurance sytem forces you to open up your hospital for hospitalisation very early in the game!
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[NEED MORE INFO] bug list 1.1 Empty Re: [NEED MORE INFO] bug list 1.1

on Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:19 am
Hi, thanks for writing this down! We plan to release a small patch with a couple of important fixes hopefully this week, the problem with saving language settings should be fixed there.

There are some good points on the list, we'll have a proper look, for now a couple of comments/questions. Smile
- Looking at code, I can't see how the contradictory perks could happen, it's always either one or the opposite one (slow/fast, clean/dirty feet) - could you send us a save where it happened?
- Regarding the workload display: you can switch to management mode, objects are hidden there, also, if you hover over a room, the full text is also displayed on the main panel
- A room with critical workload and no staff - was it a laboratory by any chance?
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