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Emergency X-Ray Room/Examination  Empty Emergency X-Ray Room/Examination

Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:27 am
Good news, my suggestion is being considered for a possible future update. In the meantime, it seems that more people are engaging in the modding community and from there, I learn more about the modding/editing from them and what possibilities are out there.

If I remember correctly, QEUH made an improvement to a large sandbox hospital a while back and I like his idea of adding an X-ray room next to the trauma center - which is likely what the real hospital do. I implemented the same to my trauma center, however, the problem is that patients from any department could use the X-ray, so TC patients more often than not didn't really get to be examined in the strategically sensible X-ray room.

So I decided to experiment a bit by creating a simple mod that adds a separate X-ray room and examinations to the emergency department, I just lazily call it "Emergency X-Ray." This X-Ray room will only, exclusively examines patients from the emergency department. To allows only observation ward and TC patients to be examined here, just uncheck the clinic patients from the radiologist's card. I kept the vanilla X-ray and Emergency X-ray examination separated, but what can it unraveled is perfectly identical.

Obviously the dev have a better idea on how to implement it through employee roles system, which is more flexible than creating an entire new room and have to go through every symptoms that can be revealed by the X-ray. However, modding something like that is beyond my amateur abilities, but I'm intrigued by the new room/new examination approach of this mod I made.

So far, the mod have been working without any problems on the gameplay, and I'm very happy with the result. Although it needs to be polished a bit, the only remaining things to do is -

1. Give technologist a radiology specialization filter in the staff hiring box - While I found a way to add technologists with radiology specialization into the emergency department hiring pool, I have unsuccessfully add a relevant filter into the hiring box (the same way you can filter technologist with USG specialization in other department). This problem doesn't impact the functionality of the mod, but it'll be great if I could fix this, let me know if anyone knows how to fix this.

2. Make automatic Emergency X-Ray a priority over normal X-Ray - This might involves deleting some of the line, and it seems to be easily done. Though I also have an alternative of preserving the option to get hospitalized emergency patients to get examined at the vanilla X-ray department by editing the priority value, though I have to test it.

3. Complete the examination options for the Emergency X-Ray - This is easy, simply going through all the lines in diagnosis/symptom .xml files that allows the Emergency X-ray to reveals the symptom. Since my mod is just "proof of concept" at the moment, I lazily clone the "X-ray torso" section, edit it and applied that to all symptoms that can be revealed by the vanilla X-ray. So the Emergency X-ray can reveal a leg fracture from animations that X-ray the torso. I'll organize it better later on, but it's a trivial fix. I left the vanilla X-ray option alone and add the relevant Emergency X-ray line next to it.

And I like said earlier, I'm just an amateur, so I'm seeking advice and suggestions from the more tech-savvy players on what I might missed or how could I make this better.

Here's every lines I added to get this mod:

---------------------- RoomTypes----------------------


<GameDBRequiredEquipment> <Tag>ui_pc</Tag> <MinCount>1</MinCount> </GameDBRequiredEquipment>
<GameDBRequiredEquipment> <Tag>ui_xray_control_panel</Tag> <MinCount>1</MinCount> </GameDBRequiredEquipment>
<GameDBRequiredEquipment> <Tag>ui_xray_machine</Tag> <MinCount>1</MinCount> </GameDBRequiredEquipment>
<GameDBRequiredEquipment> <Tag>ui_xray_viewer</Tag> <MinCount>1</MinCount> </GameDBRequiredEquipment>
<GameDBRequiredEquipment> <Tag>ui_cabinets_equipment</Tag> <MinCount>1</MinCount> </GameDBRequiredEquipment> <!-- because of barrium swallov xray exm-->

<!--Will block the room for hospitalized patients :/ AcceptsOutpatients>true</AcceptsOutpatients-->






---------------------- Departments----------------------





---------------------- Examinations----------------------

<GameDBExamination ID="EXM_EMERGENCY_X_RAY">

---------------------- StringTableEnBuildingMode----------------------

<GameDBLocalizedString> <LocID>ROOM_TYPE_EMERGENCY_X_RAY_ROOM</LocID> <Text>Emergency X-ray room</Text> </GameDBLocalizedString>
<GameDBLocalizedString> <LocID>ROOM_TYPE_EMERGENCY_X_RAY_ROOM_DESCRIPTION</LocID> <Text>The X-ray room provides X-ray imaging of different parts of human body, depicting structures beneath the skin and muscles.\n\nMin. Staff requirements: \n1x Technologist - Radiologist</Text> </GameDBLocalizedString>

---------------------- StringTableEnExaminations----------------------

<GameDBLocalizedString> <LocID>EXM_EMERGENCY_X_RAY</LocID> <Text>Emergency X-ray</Text> </GameDBLocalizedString>
<GameDBLocalizedString> <LocID>EXM_EMERGENCY_X_RAY_DESCRIPTION</LocID> <Text>Emergency X-ray imaging. \n\nRequired room: Emergency X-ray room</Text> </GameDBLocalizedString>

---------------------- DiagnosesORTHO---------------------- & ---------------------- Symptoms_main----------------------


Add this line to the following (incomplete):

Shoulder dislocation
Knee dislocation
Dislocated ankle
Simple fracture of ulna
Open fracture of ulna
Complicated fracture of ulna
Simple fracture of radius
Simple fracture of humerus
Open fracture of humerus
Open fracture of humerus
Complicated fracture of humerus
Brokebn ribs
Simple fracture of femur
Open fracture of femur
Complicated fracture of femur
Simple fracture of tibia
Spiral fracture of tibia
Simple fracture of fibula
Open fracture of tibia
Ankle fracture
Metatarsal bones fracture
Fracture of finger
Mandibular fracture
Nasal fracture
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Emergency X-Ray Room/Examination  Empty Re: Emergency X-Ray Room/Examination

Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:10 pm
I designed the large sandbox map (and the updated version) based on how it's done at the hospital I work in, with imaging being directly adjacent to the emergency department.

Good idea for a mod!
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Emergency X-Ray Room/Examination  Empty Re: Emergency X-Ray Room/Examination

Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:25 am
excellent idea -- i'll be following this thread. I really miss the older version of the TC - ICU interaction. Right now TC care only allows for stabilization -- no diagnostics -- and really railroads one into coming up with a diagnosis so they can be sent to a dept. I'd love to see the ability to conduct diagnostic activities in TC expand a bit.
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Emergency X-Ray Room/Examination  Empty Re: Emergency X-Ray Room/Examination

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