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Universal Healthcare System Empty Universal Healthcare System

Tue Jun 11, 2019 5:59 am
Hello guys.
I am a nurse auditor here in Brazil, and I work a lot with the relationship between insurance operators and accredited hospitals, but here we have the peculiarity of SUS, the Unified Health System, which is our version of the universal healthcare system. Approximately 75% of the population uses the universal system, which is totally free to the patient, and 25% use the numerous insurance plans.
The remuneration of the private system is similar to that of the game, with the hospitals treating the patients and then sending the summary of the service to the insurance operator to pay according to the package of each diagnosis/illness. However, in the public system, the payment is somewhat different: It is done entirely according to the procedures performed, regardless of the patient's diagnosis/illness. The hospital accredited in the public system sends the service summary, and the federal government reviews the account and pays the procedures according to its own price table, which are below the market price, due to the social objective of this system.
This is the most trustworthy game I have ever encountered about my work environment, and I wonder if there is any planning, idea, or suggestion for how to implement something like a universal healthcare system. What I have achieved so far has been renaming the "uninsured" class of patients to "SUS," making it available from the begging, increasing the patient rate and lowering the payment rate to 30%.
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance!
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