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New Mod: More german names, but there could be more... Empty New Mod: More german names, but there could be more...

Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:45 pm
Hello Doctors,

I've recently added a Mod for the german translation which adds 180 first names (each gender) and 3244 (jep) surnames. The Mod is just called "More german names", and I think it's beautiful. But I guess it would be nice if there where just one "more names" Mod for all supported languages. I've build myself a little Java applet to crawl a given Website which lists common names for a given country and convert these "internet lists" to a String.xml for the game. So, I haven't the full competence to decide if these lists are meaningful for every supported language which I'm not able to speak. But if you want to have more names for your own language just leave me links to websites with a handful of useful names (should be at least 100 First/Surnames), you can refer to the website in the SteamWorkshop comments of my mod, if it's not allowed to post links at this forum.

Many thanks,
Have fun Smile

great game by the way, really love it Smile
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