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ProjectHospital.exe Flagged as Malware by an Anti-Virus Software Empty ProjectHospital.exe Flagged as Malware by an Anti-Virus Software

Sun Jul 21, 2019 11:13 am
Since this is technically not a bug, I'm posting it here.

Anyone have this problem? I'm using Kaspersky Internet Security, and it deleted the .exe file,, seeing it as a malware or a virus. I re-download the .exe file from Steam and every time I do that, it keep on deleting it.

However, this might be a false positive, as Virus Total shows that only Kaspersky and 2 other virus scanners (pretty obscure ones) flagged as malicious. 60+ antivirus, including other big names like Bitdefender, Norton, AVG, Avast said it's safe. I ran it with Malwarebyte and Hitman Pro myself, and it doesn't show up as malicious either.

I added the application to the exclusion list, but did anyone else with other antivirus/malware remover installed on PC show the application as malicious, whether passively or through selective scan? So far, based on the Steam discussion, only Kaspersky have this problem, but I'm tossing a wider net for second opinions.
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