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[NEED MORE INFO] Nursers  and losing presitge Empty [NEED MORE INFO] Nursers and losing presitge

on Sun Aug 18, 2019 2:11 am
Hi  dear dev  team.
Im  found small bug  in  reception  department.
When nursers  start working on  shift they are happy.My  prestige  going  slowly  up.But follow  the  day all nurses in  reception desk losing  prestige  from 4/5 star  to  zero  just  because they are need  go  to toilet, and they  are  hungry  and  tired(they are  sit  behind  desk  and  not  going anywhere all  day).All  the  rest doctors and nurs  using toilets ,staff  room  with  snack ,fridge and  coffe machine properly -just nurses  from  reception desk no.
I  have  two nurses  and  no one  have perks  "hard work/work  without break",both  have  easy  acces to toilets etc.
Small  patch  to  fix  this  please?
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[NEED MORE INFO] Nursers  and losing presitge Empty Re: [NEED MORE INFO] Nursers and losing presitge

on Mon Aug 19, 2019 2:01 pm
Hi, thanks for the report! Checking receptionists ingame, they normally take a break for food/wc once in a while, even if there are still some patients waiting. Could you please attach your save so we can have a look? It could be a bug, but in either case it seems to be specific to this particular case. Thanks!
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