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[QUESTION] Actions being cancelled  Empty [QUESTION] Actions being cancelled

Tue Jan 14, 2020 11:53 pm
I’ve started a new hospital and now every investigation or treatment I line up before the patient goes to the doctor is being cancelled. It seems to be every time a new patient is called into a office all actions I have queued up are cancelled for every single patient. So patients are just sitting in the office with nothing happening until I select everything again.

Tried restarting a new hospital but the problem is still happening. Never had this issue before and have had several other hospitals. I’m not using any mods. Sorry I’m having a bit of trouble uploading the save files.
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[QUESTION] Actions being cancelled  Empty Re: [QUESTION] Actions being cancelled

Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:46 am
Hi, welcome to the forum and thanks for the message!

Looking at the rules, the only situation where this is supposed to happen is with player-controlled doctors in Doctor Mode - when one of your controlled doctors gets a patient assigned, the previously planned examinations get cancelled as it's the player responsibility to prescribe all procedures from this point on (and there might be some planned by the automatic system/AI doctors, especially if the patient got transferred from another department).

Btw - the patient will show up highlighted in orange in Doctor Mode as soon as any procedures have finished, so there's wouldn't be a big benefit to planning the examinations ahead.

Does this make sense? It should be possible for us to add the information whether an examination has been planned by the player and not cancel these, let us know if you think if it would make a difference!
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