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[RESOLVED] Cleaning closet bug Empty [RESOLVED] Cleaning closet bug

Sun Apr 26, 2020 4:57 pm
I'm getting the same problem, and I have never used mods. The only way to clear the bug is fire the staff, and reload the game (save and exit to desktop). If you try and load the save without restarting the game, you will get an error "Failed to load save: object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Game version: 1.2.19480 with both DLCs

It happens to me after modifying a cleaning closet, or deleting the room blueprint from an occupied room to force the janitors to go home, since there's no efficient way of removing someone from their workstation unless you build another room, which is silly in itself.

Potentially gamebreaking, because the room becomes stuck.

[RESOLVED] Cleaning closet bug Untitl10
[RESOLVED] Cleaning closet bug Attachment Log file, nullreference errors insideYou don't have permission to download attachments.(8 Kb) Downloaded 2 times
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[RESOLVED] Cleaning closet bug Empty Re: [RESOLVED] Cleaning closet bug

Mon Apr 27, 2020 4:50 pm
Hi, thanks a lot for the report, the issue should be fixed now in the latest version (patch 25), including the problem with loading affected save games.
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