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Probably best tip (after hours and hours of playing)! Empty Probably best tip (after hours and hours of playing)!

Sat May 09, 2020 12:37 pm
Maybe the most important thing I've learned is this.
If any patient complaints about waiting too long for treatment, or even that there are no treatment available:

  • Read up on the treatment(s) needed for the patient! (Just hoover the treatment and read the info.)

For ex when you have a patient outside a closed specialized office at night, complaining and about to leave.
Just check what treatment is needed - often it will say any office will do, so then you just switch patient to some open department and problem solved!

You could even have a cardiology patient with a heart-diagnose, complaining about no free beds at cardiology, and you think you're screwed!
Just read up on the treatment - often it'll just be regular IV medication - patient needs whatever ward/HDU.
Again, just choose another department that has free beds, and send patient there, before leaving for some other hospital!

Same with examinations - read up if they can be performed somewhere else.
But extra important with patients with a finished diagnose, where you've already spent much time on them, and you don't want to loose the income to some other hospital! Cool

If you put a cardiology patient in internal meds ward for treatment though, the patient seem to have a wish going back to cardiology (even if not needed!), and say "waiting for hospitalization".
I don't know if this could lead to them leaving or not (since they're already under treatment and don't need anything else), but if you take manual control over these patients you won't get complaints (and you will also avoid AI queueing up loads of new unnecessary examinations during the treatment for the final diagnose... Rolling Eyes ).
Maybe this behaviour could be fixed - patients shouldn't care/complain what department they're on as long as they have full treatment needed, right?
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