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A bunch of needed (and reasonable/simple) fixes :) Empty A bunch of needed (and reasonable/simple) fixes :)

Mon May 11, 2020 2:52 pm

I'll stop playing this now (I don't game during summer anyway), and hope it's more polished when I come back in a few months.
When autumn comes I'll probably start with Witcher 3 GOTY though, but then I'll check in on this game again Smile
Here are some SIMPLE fixes that really should be considered for the game, to make it more enjoyable!
I've played loads of hours now (very steep learning curve), and really thought these through.
Would be great with some developer feedback, even if it's just "we read your suggestions and we don't like any of them".

1. VERY annoying in doctors mode that you can't queue up "Send a treated patient home".
If you have 4-5 treatments to give, you need to stay there for 20-30 seconds for them all to finish.
Please add option to queue it up!

2. If a patient can get all needed treatments at another department (hospitalized), and you switch it for them, could the patient maybe be happy with that?
Instead of "waiting for hospitalization" (at the "correct department"), and maybe even risk of patient leaving if waiting for too long.
If treatment is correct, like most IV or other meds, let them accept whatever department they're on getting treated, it shouldn't matter!
Would save lots of micromanagement when you need to take manual control to make them stay where they are, and ending with having to send them home manually (see #1)!
This of course is only an issue when the "correct" ward is full and you must switch department.

3. Transparent arrows/decals/lines for the floor, where you could paint any color/decal/pattern over any kind of tile!
Including putting decals (preferably digits) on elevators! (At least the area beside the doors - looks great now when you try to place, but not allowed!).
I miss this powerful function sooooo much! Very few options for floors now, and it often bugs me when designing floor layout Sad

4. Annoying with the patients at night, waiting outside some closed lab, and you just can't cancel an already ordered examination.
Sometimes it's a very critical patient, you know might collapse any time, and you can't do anything about it!
Could we maybe get the power to cancel those yellow examinations? Would it do any harm to the code, or to the game mechanics?

5. Wrong treatment for Pneumothorax! It's such a big/famous diagnose, it really deserves a somewhat correct implementation in the game!
Pneumothorax/Hemothorax should be treated by inserting a chest tube (like 10-30mm diameter) into the pleural space, connected to some suction that slowly expands the lung.
Not USG-guided Thoracentecis, that taps out bacterial water surrounding the lung through a thin needle into a plastic bag.
Thoracentecis though can CAUSE a Pneumothorax if unlucky!
Also if possible you should not allow any Pneumothorax patient to get mechanically ventilated at ICU - it would be very very dangerous!
Confirm this with a doctor, I'm 99% sure any doctor would agree with this, and maybe help you with some details. Easily fixed, and correct!

6. Would be very, very very helpful, if we could hoover "Satisfation" in patient/staff list, instead of needing to open each person to see it!!!

7. It would be so cool if staff/patients could use nice gardens you've made! If you give them a door, some benches, and make it nice with flowers/trees etc.
They could visit it sometimes to relax, as an alternative for a quick break. It could make them more rested, and more happy!
Make it a outdoor-zone you could "paint", so they know where to go.
It wouldn't mean much for the game/mechanics, but I think many would like the immersion it would give.
The worst thing with The Sims games was that you could design the nicest gardens, but no sim would care, they only cared about indoor stuff.
It was such a bummer! Same here - it's so fun to make a nice garden, and so sad that noone in the game cares. Would it be hard to implement?

8. Maybe the worst thing though, is when you need to move a room, and there is always a person/object locking it!
Even something as simple as a cleaning room is never free to move, you almost always have to fire loads of people just to move a tiny room.
I guess this is too hard to fix, or it would have already been done, but just mentioning it...

9. The game prompts me when janitors level up, telling me I can choose a specialization, but we can't do that for janitors, right?!

10. Could we have a popup option for when a patient gets a surgery planned, so we can check it out first?
Sometimes they do surgery on bad diagnoses, and it costs loads of money! Not very fun to manually, constantly, monitor each hospitalized patient for this!
Happens even if set certainty to high!
Surgeries are fun anyway, so good with a popup so you won't miss any Wink

11: Make the edge scrolling hack an official option for everyone, it works great, and I wouldn't play another second if it was removed!
Would be even better though if it wasn't so sensitive (as in starting scrolling a bit too early towards the edges).
Would also be better if it had the same acceleration we get from the arrow keys, to make it feel smoother.

12. "Not enough stretchers" - what does it even mean? Could we maybe get more info in the popup?
Would help a lot, since I think most players see this often, and don't have a clue what's really wrong.
Are the stretchers placed badly, or are there really to few of them even though you have them everywhere, or are the staff busy, or the distance/layout too long?
Sometimes I have dedicated transport-nurses sitting idle in front of computers, with stretchers nearby, instead of getting a collapsed patient to their department...

I think small fixes like this, that makes the game a smoother experience, is more important than throwing in 20 new departments or adding 100 diagnoses etc.
But thats just me, or hopefully me and a bunch more people Wink

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A bunch of needed (and reasonable/simple) fixes :) Empty Re: A bunch of needed (and reasonable/simple) fixes :)

Mon May 11, 2020 4:04 pm
For 8: Ever tried un-zoning the room? AFAIK everyone in it will finish his job and then leave home or elsewhere.
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