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[NEED MORE INFO] Invisible Equipment Empty [NEED MORE INFO] Invisible Equipment

Thu May 14, 2020 3:29 pm
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[NEED MORE INFO] Invisible Equipment Empty Re: [NEED MORE INFO] Invisible Equipment

Fri May 15, 2020 2:38 pm
Hi, thanks a lot for sending us the save!

We got a couple of reports about broken equipment recently, but so far it's hard to tell what's causing these, trying different combinations of moving rooms, rotating the camera and using undo, everything seems to work reliably on our side - so, any details you could still remember can be really useful, especially anything regarding the use of undo and moving rooms. But I understand that if you only noticed this after loading the save, it will be harder to track down.

For now at least a quick workaround - you can use the delete or bulldozer tool and drag it over both affected tiles for each desk, than place the equipment again.


(Here's the original report: )

I loaded a save game. All of the desks and equipment tied to the workstation in the Microbiology lab is invisible and unrecognized as equipment. The screen shot for the save file shows it in the picture.
When I load the game, I'm given a message stating that my worker doesn't have a work space, assign or he will quit. He then stands up from a chair. All four workstation in the lab are invisible, BUT I can't place an item in their spot due to an error message stating the space is occupied. Also, I can click the square and i get the sound and an outlined square as if I'm moving an object. If I click a different square to place, as I were holding an object, I can then place equipment where it was located
Even after moving the invisible equipment, it is respected by the game as an occupied square, but nothing in the square is recognized as existing to the staff or patients.
EDIT: I only have the base game loaded. No mods.
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