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Updating Realistic Collapses and Disease Incidence Mod  Empty Updating Realistic Collapses and Disease Incidence Mod

Wed Jul 29, 2020 2:23 pm
The time has come! This time I'm starting from scratch and so I just need some clarification on what certain fields in different XML files do.  Pardon me if some of the answers to the questions are extremely obvious; I just want to be perfectly sure.

1. What do the following two lines in the Tweakables file do?

<GameDBTweakableFloat ID="TWEAKABLE_COLLAPSE_REPEAT_MIN_HOURS"> <Value>3.0</Value>   </GameDBTweakableFloat>
<GameDBTweakableFloat ID="TWEAKABLE_COLLAPSE_REPEAT_MAX_HOURS"> <Value>6.0</Value>   </GameDBTweakableFloat>

2. Each diagnosis in the game has a duration field. What does the number determine? For example:

<GameDBMedicalCondition ID="DIA_ARR">

3. The most important two fields for this mod:


The way I understand things, the above example would mean that this specific untreated symptom can lead to a collapse after the patient has been in the hospital for at least 6 hours. Between 6 and 24 hours there's a chance that the untreated symptom can lead to heart failure. If the patient gets to the 24 hour mark and the untreated symptom has not yet led to a collapse, it will immediately do so. Is this how things work?

4. SYM_HEART_FAILURE has a field that caught my eye that I haven't seen under any other symptom.


I'm guessing the doctor orders all available treatments if this symptom is present? If I were to put this line under another symptom, what exactly would it do?

5. The DiagnosisOccurences.xml file classifies every diagnosis as COMMON, UNCOMMON or RARE. If I were to add a new parameter in this xml like this:

<GameDBDiagnosisOccurrence ID="OCCURRENCE_VERYRARE">

Would the game apply it to the diagnosis? Or are the occurences hardcoded?

6. What does this line in the Tweakables.XML do?

<GameDBTweakableInt ID="TWEAKABLE_COLLAPSE_TIME_PERCENT"> <Value>100</Value> </GameDBTweakableInt>

I've been always been  super nerdy about simulation games my whole life so trying to make things as realistic as possible is always a goal for me. Seeing 10 patients collapse with heart failure a day is very immersion breaking for me so this mod is a must for me personally (and many others as well!). Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and reply.

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