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[SPELLING] Parapneumonic "Effucion" --> "Effusion" Empty [SPELLING] Parapneumonic "Effucion" --> "Effusion"

Sat Aug 08, 2020 2:54 am
Hi all, nerdy irl doctor here who somehow found himself also playing as one in a video game too. The game is extremely well done and I am shocked at the medical accuracy (and spellings!) of so many conditions. I came across a spelling error in one condition though, especially since my specialty is lungs irl, that compelled me to come here to mention it.

Description: the internal medicine condition "Parapneumonic effucion" should read as Parapneumonic effusion

Steps to reproduce: diagnose the condition in game Smile  which by the way, is usually done in the real world by an x-ray, CT scan or lung ultrasound and not MRI. I am surprised so many lung conditions (particularly pleural effusions) in Project Hospital are missed by CT scan since we rarely use MRI for the lungs in real life.

Anyway, fantastic game keep up the good work!
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