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Follow Up: Disabling Examinations (Similar to Diagnosis) Empty Follow Up: Disabling Examinations (Similar to Diagnosis)

Tue Sep 01, 2020 12:19 pm
Hey Oxymoron,

I am just following up a past discussion about disabling exams so they can exist in the code but will not show up for the player  in the 'possible examinations' windows. Has there been any further consideration along these lines?

The follow up is I intend to port over the exams of my Oncology mod to CRP this weekend so that players in Doctor Mode can stop seeing double up exams. Right now, i intended to replace all exams references (from the symptoms and diagnosis), leave in the exam code (so old saves work, etc) and change their localisation to 'Do Not Use' with a big X icon. However if this is been considered in the short future, disabling them would make things a lot easier as my method still clutters the UI, even if it makes it easier to see what is an actual exam but it also helps with localisation and I won't need to leave in a grace period of 8-12 weeks before i actually comment them out of my code (I'd also need to make a 'patch mod' that adds them back in for players that still might have issues from loading up an old save).

Let me know how you go!
Thank you.
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