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Staff training changes Empty Staff training changes

Tue Jul 20, 2021 6:58 pm
Hi, I'm thinking about changing training variables like time in study room needed to end training, money needed or value gained after training(default is 8% as far as I know).

The main reason is that I like to create all my staff by creation tool(to have specific traits on every doctor/nurse) and send them to study room but they gain 8% for every training session which must be started over, when you have something like 13 doctors in training it is becoming pretty annoying to send each individually to study.
It would be nice to have option to send them to study room, but for 16,000$ and gain 16% on wanted skill(or something like that).

My question is where are variables needed to make this happen, I didn't find it in tweakables or any other xml file, or I don't know how to look for them.
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