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[QUESTION] Observation Code Logic Empty [QUESTION] Observation Code Logic

Wed Jul 21, 2021 9:28 pm
Observation in the emergency should not be equal to hospitalization.  You should have the option to send the patients back to the emergency clinic doctor.

I have played this game for over 280 hours, submitted a ton of bugs for different things and this really irks me.  There is no point of having clinic doctors send patients for observation if it is considered hospitalization.  To me observation means the patient has way too many symptoms and needs lots of tests run which observation can do.  It does not mean that they need to be hospitalized.

I try my best to run a training hospital and the best way to train interns, specifically nurses is through observation.  Eventually they become skilled enough to become more than just nurses but without observation you are forced to hire nurses for higher positions.
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[QUESTION] Observation Code Logic Empty Re: [QUESTION] Observation Code Logic

Yesterday at 12:59 pm
Hi, just a couple of quick points from both the 'gameplay' and 'realism' perspective: gameplay-wise observation is definitely a kind of hospitalization, meaning a patient gets a bed an is under continuous care. The basic rule is that if the symptoms could mean a critical diagnosis by the time basic examinations finish in a doctor's office, the patient is sent for observation.
Realism-wise, I think it matches the real world quite well, keeping an eye on a patient that should get better soon but might suffer from something serious, until further examinations confirm that there's no possible critical diagnosis left. The patient return to the clinic then.
Btw, if you'd like, I can ask the designers to give you a more detailed reply when they're back from holidays next week.
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