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Parking Lots and other questions. Empty Parking Lots and other questions.

Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:26 am
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Hi there! So I'm watching some of the youtube vids of people playing the betas, and of course there plenty of things that intrigue me, but then there is the stuff that leaves me with questions. So i have a small list for ya.

A) The parking lot... Will we have patients drive or be driven and then park their vehicles in that parking lot, because i have yet to see any patient vehicles in them. Secondly, would we be able to assign different ambulance offloading areas. And thirdly, can we build functional driveways, and parking lots with our hospitals or will we be limited to the base parking provided when starting a map? Sorry if these questions may seem a little asinine, but due to the fact i'm basing my account on others who are playing a game, and it is in beta, i'm of course not to sure on such topics.

B) Is there a planned limit to how many floors . we can have in our hospitals.

C) (This is more suggestion) Also noticed in the Emergency Dept, with patient coming in on stretchers, that paramedics and other workers tend to... really take their time. I feel like adding a bit of rush would bring a lot more life into the game. Additionally it would be great to have a team of two medics (Medic and/or EMT) present when wheeling in a patient, and having them present a report to a nurse and/or doctor, before they go about on their merry way. Just the fact being and EMT and an ER tech, i can't help but feel bothered by a lone medic just leaving a patient in a trauma bay and leaving, feels a tad robotic.

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Parking Lots and other questions. Empty Re: Parking Lots and other questions.

Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:41 am
The parking lots at the moment are used for the ambulances but I know proper parking lots have been added to the wish list, as for the current floor limit is 3 floors.
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