Project Hospital
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Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:42 pm

love the look of this game and hope takes off like Prison Architect did. I am sure all the team is busy with a few months left to go, but wondered if anyone at that studio had time for a walkthrough vid better than the beta streamers out there.

I guess there wasn't a lot of interest out there or knowledge of the game, but seems like the ones streaming it are clueless about management games in general. The very few that may have learned the game didn't stream much but was painful watching a 25+ min video just to see 2 rooms built. Most of them don't read the tooltips to show them what they are missing, or building 15 clinics at the start. I would just like to see something past the basics in action done by someone who seems to know what they are doing.

I have never played the game but still cringe when folks just fill room with stuff and ignore the requirements. or scratch head why no one is showing when has been telling them whats missing since beginning.

Please, 1 hr out of the day just to showcase some of the more later rooms.

Or drop it on early release on steam. Smile I would love to see either, I am already going to buy, but wanted to see more Smile
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