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Sun May 27, 2018 9:18 pm
First off, sorry if these questions have been repeated, I've been reading along and I hope not to ask a question that's already been asked however one may slip in by mistake.

1. Is this game based off of European Medical Centers or America, I know there are differences between the two and I am only familiar with the American system. For instance, in America we have Interns, Residents, Fellows, and Attendings. Or will it be optional to change between the two different?

2. In-Patient emergency situations, like say if a patient were to develop an infection in a general ward or get seriously ill they would be moved to the ICU? Also as in Codes, or cardiac arrest. Using code medication such as epinephrine?

3. Building, will the building mechanics be simplistic, I was never a big fan of building, which brings me on, will there be pre-built hospitals, maybe able to expand them but just so we can start off and see what it's like.

4.  What kind of wards or as we call them "floors" will there be? For instance, ICU, Stepdown, General, Surgical, and Pediatrics.

5. Any large, long, and complex surgeries, for instance, removing a brain tumor would take longer than removing an appendix. Will this be shown or does every surgery take the same amount of time?

6. Final question, I know you're wanting this as realistic as possible, so what do you have in place to ensure that?

Thanks for taking your time to read through this, very excited to see this game! Very Happy
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Tue May 29, 2018 4:25 pm
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As far as I have understood it is a mixture of things. There is some sort of 'ranking' order based on experience (?). You can see this in the screenshots.

There is an ICU. I've also seen pictures of staff pushing patients in beds. I don't know if it is possible for a patient to change wards in-house. I don't know with the codes.

I believe to have read that there will be pre-built hospitals.

There is a graphic over the different departments. Pediatrics is not included.

I think there will be different lengths. I don't know.

They have a small team of consultants with various degrees of educational background and work experience. They also have an upcoming closed beta test where both consultants and 'regular people' attend. This will probably ensure at least some degree of realism, however one must understand that this is still a game. This is not a simulation. It needs to be fun too.
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Tue May 29, 2018 11:12 pm
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Hi, first, cheers Dysp for answering! Smile I'll chime in with a few more details:

1. The settings will be closer to the US system and terminology, which we consider to be more familiar thanks to all the TV series like House or ER, but at least the core medical part is pretty international.

2. Yes, patients get moved according to their diagnosis and the severity of their case. Regarding codes - we should be showing more quite soon. Smile

3. If you don't want to fine-tune everything, you can place whole pre-built rooms.

5. There will be quite a few different surgeries with different durations (which also depend on the skills of your surgeons), but a lot of the steps will look similar. Also, from the gameplay perspective I'm half-expecting people will find them them too long anyway Smile
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