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Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:01 pm
There are more than 8 thousand types of diseases.
The question is: Do I know that you update the game always, in the issue of introducing more types of diseases will come in patches or will they come in dlcs?

Will the game have epidemics and pandemics? I hope it's not even those city-building games that you push a button and a hurricane or earthquake appears.

Will the game have chronic diseases?

Will the game have diseases that need to be called sanitary control, such as the Black Death?

The game will have rare diseases like: Gaucher disease, hemophilia, acromegaly, crohn disease, among others?
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Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:29 pm
Having watched a heck of a lot of the beta gameplay I can answer a few of those queries, although your best shot for all the info would be a dev as they'll know both what is featured, what will be in the full release and potential means for later expansion of the game's conditions and functions.

Epidemics and pandemics: Pandemics are definitely featured alongside crash events (trauma cases) and yes, these do function as click to activate. Whether they have any autonomy/random activation functions to happen whether you want them or not... I'm not sure.

Chronic diseases: There are already some present in beta gameplay and there are some discussions present in gameplay and feature suggestions about how these are handled and/or expanding the number of chronic conditions.

Rare diseases: I guess it depends on what you classify as rare diseases outside of those suggestions but Crohn disease is 100% in there already (it is one of the differential diagnoses options for patients presenting with symptoms that could be things like lactose intolerance, crohns, etc)

I know this doesn't fully answer your questions but hopefully it'll tide you over until someone else can come and either add-on or amend my points - better yet a dev who knows what the future holds for the full release (or any later expansions) of project hospital. Razz
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