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[NEW] Problem while loading .XML files Empty [NEW] Problem while loading .XML files

Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:54 pm
Zirkumflex [vlastní Project Hospital] před 5 hodinami
Problem while loading .XML files
Hello Developers,
i made a guide for the people who just want to tweak their game a little
by "how to edit your XML config files".
It seems to work for most of the people without any issues, but for some the "InsuranceCompany.xml" file (located in: xxx\steamapps\common\Project Hospital\ProjectHospital_Data\StreamingAssets\Database) wont load properly,
since the changes dont take effect.

This is odd, since i provided my xml file for convenience purposes too,
and even a replacement wont work for them until they reinstall the game.
A fresh installation with overwriting their xml file with mine before starting the game works for them tho.

I have no clue what causes this, and i understand that this "bug" is not one of your priority.
But still this bug exist and its maybe even associated with some other bugs here,
since it seems to have something to do with files getting loaded.
The "tweaked.xml" doesnt have this issue, from the comments it seems, that this changes will take effect immediately, without the need to reinstall the game.

I just wanted to let you know about this Smile
When i got more intel what causes this, or any problems regarding this issue, i will comment this thread to provide most detailed information to you.

Cheers, and thanks for the great game.
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