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Suggestion: create treatment 'Polytrauma surgery' Empty Suggestion: create treatment 'Polytrauma surgery'

Wed Feb 17, 2021 5:28 pm
What would it do?
- it would cure all trauma-related uncovered symptoms in one surgery. The more symptoms are cured, the more time it takes. Symptoms not found are not treated and must be found first. High-skill surgeon can uncover symptom upon surgery and treat it with the same procedure being undertaken. Traumatology only

Why should it be in the game?
With Traumatology DLC we got cases where there are up to 3 critical symptoms which need surgery - saw one of those in Blarla's youtube channel today (excellent let's play btw).
Thorax trauma complete with liver laceration and ruptured intestines and needed 3 surgeries.
Between each surgery there is transport back to ward/ICU with danger of collapsing at each step and getting PSDs with each surgery like infected wounds, bleedings - the works.
NO doctor would leave a patient untreated on the operating theater. It is not cut open, fix organ, stitch together, transport through hospital, get into bed, get out of bed instantaneously, get back to surgery, cut open same wound, fix another organ, stitch...etc. BUT: go to surgery theater, cut open, fix ALL visible damage, stitch together, do post-surgery care.

So if it would be able to code a surgery treatment, that would fix ALL symptoms of a polytrauma like "all thorax injuries", this would improve the DLC a lot. As it is done currently, it is just feeling wrong to me. If I was to be treated like this I would sue them to hell and back IF I would survive this mistreatment.
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