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Tue Aug 31, 2021 5:10 pm
Hi everyone !

I'm currently thinking about creating a little modding tool for Project Hospital. I want to create my own department with all the diagnosis, rooms, examinations, etc. But it's not easy at all to fill, create, manage all the XML files, and sometimes there's bugs and it's hard to understand why they are there.

So i came up with an idea : create a little program (in Python ?) which provides necessary tool to facilitate department's, diagnosis's, examination's (etc....) creation.
Here's how it'll work :

  1. The program read all the existing database in the game (including existing mods) and list all the existing elements (diagnosis, symptoms, skills, rooms, etc.)
  2. On the UI you can choose what you want to create : let's assume a new symptom.
  3. You give a name, a description and all the needed informations and you can choose in which department it occurs from the existing database, hence the interest of reading the database before.
  4. When you confirm the creation, the program generate the XML code for you and add the symptom to the database.

We can imagine a lot of features on the program as mod's file management, export, duplicate check, etc...

I'm still wondering if the devs are planning to release that kind of tools or if it already exists but I think it can make mod creation a lot easier and more consistent.

Kind regards !


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