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Modding tutorial - object parameters (WIP) Empty Modding tutorial - object parameters (WIP)

Thu Sep 30, 2021 10:14 am
AbbreviationLocID - string, ID of localized text with description
NameLocIDOverride - string, can be used to override the displayed name by a name of other object

Texture - string, name of texture if using a texture bundled with the game
TextureRef - reference to a texture asset if using a custom texture packed with the mod
TextureAtlasLayout - needs to match the slots in the used texture, values are  LAYOUT_8_X_3_PLUS_CROSSECTION (for trees), LAYOUT_8_X_8, LAYOUT_16_X_8,  LAYOUT_16_X_9 (for helicopter),     LAYOUT_16_X_16 (for decals),  LAYOUT_16_X_32,  LAYOUT_16_X_64
SpriteShape - the size of the sprite in game, supported values are  SHAPE_1_X_1,  SHAPE_1_X_2,  SHAPE_1_X_4 (helicopter and ambulances) and  SHAPE_2_X_4 (trees)
TextureIDNW, TextureIDNE, TextureIDSE, TextureIDSW - index of texture slot for each direction
TextureIDBackNW, TextureIDBackNE, TextureIDBackSE, TextureIDBackSW - index of texture slot for each direction, for objects with two layers like chairs where one part needs to be behind a character and one in front
TexturesBackwards - workaround for a lamp that was originally filled in the wrong direction and was spinning around when rotating the camera

IconIndex - index of icon shown in building mode if using texture packed with the game
CustomIconAssetRef - reference to an icon asset when using a custom icon

GameDBAnimatedModel8DirControllerRef - reference to animated model, only used for xray and angio

Placement - values UNLIMITED (default, doesn't need to be set), INDOORS,     OUTDOORS,   ROOF
PlacedToEdge - false to make this the main object on a tile, true to make it use one of the 4 slots for different sides, for example useful for cabinets attached to walls
AttachedToWall - does it require a wall to be placed
AllowedInCorners - somebody was persistently bugging us about placing posters in corners Smile
AttachedToCeiling - can be placed in mid-air
NonBlocking - doesn't block pathfinding, for example a poster
NotInteractable - can be set if this object is never used in any scripts/procedures, like a decoration

HeightOffset - mostly for objects on walls - how high above ground is it placed

AttachmentSlot - describes what can be placed on this object: HeightOffset, DepthOffset (how off center), AllowedTags (which attachments), ForcesAttachmentOrientation to always place the attachment in the same orientation as this object
ConnectedSlots - list of ConnectedSlot, to set which objects should be placed next to this one and for example control their orientation (like chairs snapping to a table)

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