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Project Hospital VS Real life Empty Project Hospital VS Real life

Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:23 am
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First of all, after playing several hours, i have to say that this is a great complex game with a LOT of potential for creating a great management hospital game, that focus on realism.

After saing that, i play the game sometimes with my wife that she works as an hematologist doctor and internist in some hospitals and clinics. After playing the game for a while, we decide to check some features and procedures comparing to real life, or at least, how hospitals works in the country (We are from Uruguay, and we know that others country hospitals works the same way) and we found some "inconsistences" of procedures, diagnostics, and departments.

I will make a list of it, and will add more as we found, and update the post.

1- The Internal Medicine Department doesn't have a surgery block, it mainly focus on internation, diagnostics, and complex diseases cases diagnose.
2- The Surgery Department doesn't have diagnostics or internation, and all the surgerys blocks are unified, EX: general surgery, cardio surgery, plastic, etc. Each speciality of surgery have its own sepecialists, yes, but every surgery block is unified.
3- The laboratories for analysisare unified too. The labs is a separate department were all the analysis are processed in one place, not in each department.
4- Risk factors. Age and occupation are decisive in the desease. For ex, an older person is more likely to have cardiac problems than the younger ones.

As i said, i'm not complaining about the game, is great and i'm having a lot of fun, but the game is trying to focus on be realistic, i've decided to make this list. Maybe this items will be considered as a future update, maybe not, but if it helps to have a very realistic perspective of how an hospital works, i'ts welcome!

Cheers! and keep the hard and great work!! Very Happy
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