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[NEW LOW] Minor Bugs for now, i hope Empty [NEW LOW] Minor Bugs for now, i hope

Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:55 pm
put your hands in the air if you read my sugestion xD these are Minor buggs and these dont need a save file because are very, very frequently ¿right? i hope  Shocked
1) The method the game uses to assign doctors to patients does not respect the role you choose for each of your employees, when a doctor is not allowed to diagnose, the game assigns it to a patient equally, it simply respects very little the role of each character.
2) If a bookcase is far of a couch does not work
[NEW LOW] Minor Bugs for now, i hope Bookca10
3) the doctors offer new tests to the patients all the time and at the beginning of each day (it is always the safest, and they are patients ready for leave our hospital), this causes the patients not to go home and stay for another test, even when they are cured, there are patients that last up to 4 days in the hospital, the worst thing is that they are repeated tests, and it happens very frequently. ¿I think that this is because the doctor wanna be secure with the patient diagnosis maybe? i looked that ICU and the doctor cant make a ultrasound as USG so, they repeat the tests to the patients, i dont know if this is a bugg but is curious because it's not controled
[NEW LOW] Minor Bugs for now, i hope 12310
4) ¿The patient cant be treated? this is a joke because the patient is just in surgery and can be hospitalized to receive treatment as other times has happened, but several times you get that message that can not be treated, this time spent with this man, in surgery consultation could not be treated but I sent it manually to the high dependency unit, once it arrived I assigned it the treatment and everything was fine, in the images you can see the time betwen the actions that error is not real, this bug is very frequent too. HERE TWO IMAGES
IMAGEN 1 (as you see HDU is available but he dosn't carry to the room and the treatment is not available for him
[NEW LOW] Minor Bugs for now, i hope Pacien10
IMAGEN 2 (Here you select HDU manually and the treatment is show it as available, sometimes this process is automatic sometimes this windows appear)
[NEW LOW] Minor Bugs for now, i hope Pacien11
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[NEW LOW] Minor Bugs for now, i hope Empty Re: [NEW LOW] Minor Bugs for now, i hope

Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:46 pm
Hello and thank you for the report!

1.) we will analyze the issue and perform fix in some future update.
2.) book case position has no connection with the sofa. personel take free time activities by random.
3.) doctors plan and provide the same examinations to hospitalized patient because of the "doctors round" feature. it is to prevent collapsing patient due to possible complications. it is full AI feature - not controlled by player.
4.) last - this message is there to engage player into the treatment process of the patient - you can react on it and modify the process, or you can not react to it, but it will have some consequencies. Anyway maybe we will polish it in the meantime Wink
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