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An Option for a Bigger Sandbox Map Empty An Option for a Bigger Sandbox Map

Mon Nov 26, 2018 7:03 am
Hello there, I'm a new member and I have been playing the game for a week and I absolutely love it. The updates clearly reflects the developer's engagement with the community and that's probably the best thing about the game.

While the game is overall great, there are rooms for improvements and here's one of them - I'm more of an immersion player, so I often need a lot of space to work with. One thing I found out is that even the largest map is a bit too small, especially when I edited the .xml files to increase the patient visits per day. When the space is running out, I have to economize it which caused the hospital to sacrifice both form and function, and that ruined the immersion. It seems that the map size can be increased through tinkering with the map .xml files but it's very redundant to work on (the amount of coordinate is hard to keep track), not to mention the possibility of the bugs and other oversights that could stem from my amateur modding skill.

So there's that, I'm pretty sure there's a lot of immersion players out there, some may not have the patience or modding knowledge to increase the map size manually. I suggest an option for a bigger sandbox map (of course, I said option because the some people's computer may not be able to handle the increased resource usage, though the game itself isn't that resource-intensive as far as my experience goes). Not to mention that the possibility of the future updates including new departments and rooms, which will make the current map size insufficient.
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An Option for a Bigger Sandbox Map Empty Re: An Option for a Bigger Sandbox Map

Tue Dec 04, 2018 12:04 pm
Hey, I totally agree! I've played the game for almost a month right now and map is something that bothers me a lot as well. (The overall game is great!!!) I guess the game should implement an "advanced start" option to modify starting conditions, such as map size, initial fund, map type and so on. I do also wonder if the developers are trying to cater to the less capable computers, but I think most computers should be advance enough to handle the processing. I'm quite certain this is not the first time this suggestion's been brought up, but it is worthwhile to mention again.
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