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[OPEN] Cardiology does not take patients. Empty [OPEN] Cardiology does not take patients.

Sat Dec 29, 2018 2:37 pm
Bug 1: I have 2 doctor's offices and 1 waiting room in the cardiology department. Patients grab number but never been called. Tried to rebuild/relocate waiting room/doctor's offices, still does not work. (Patients are not being allocated to doctors.) - It has never worked reliably since built. This is the second day when cardiology is operational.

Bug 2: Janitors are cleaning, but the blood stays on the floor. (They clean the mess after dirty shoes, but not the blood.) After every reload the error ceases so it cannot be reproduced. I have encountered it various times after a few hours of gameplay.

Further bugs that I have encountered several times but there were workarounds:
(a) Patients get stuck from time to time at the doctor's office in case the patient is 'controlled by player'. (Workaround: I sent the patient to another department, then starts to move...)
(b) I send the patient to another department manually from the waiting room of emergency, then sometimes the patient stands up from the chair, walks a few tiles, then sits back and gets stuck (Workaround: Assign the patient manually to emergency again, then it will be treated there.)
(c) Treatment is not always being conducted when the hospitalized patient is assigned to player's control. - I have added a surgery treatment, antibiotics, or leg/arm cast manually, for instance, and nothing happens for about half day/even longer... Similar at HDU/ICU. Nothing happens AND all doctors are idle in the on-call room. (Workaround: I remove player control then the treatment is received shortly.)

Potential AI improvements/issues:
(a) A patient is being diagnosed at the general surgery doctor's office with any disease that can be only cured with surgery/during hospitalization. The patient is not being hospitalised but being further investigated until all symptoms are found. (No life-threatening symptoms. Several available beds at ward/HDU.)
(b) Some of the patient's symptoms are revealed, for instance, pain or dehydration at general surgery doctor's office. The symptom is not being addressed, even if the effect would be 'positive', but the patient is being sent by the doctor for further investigation. (Doctors at doctor's office only address patient's symptoms once.)

Let's see how things go with the first 2 bugs I have reported... In case you guys are interested in the ones I have listed as further bugs/not being aware of them, then I can surely recreate them as I have faced them various time throughout playing.
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[OPEN] Cardiology does not take patients. Empty Re: [OPEN] Cardiology does not take patients.

Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:35 pm
Hi, thanks a lot for the detailed report!
It seems we hit a regression with one of the recent fixes, causing a hidden error and patients not getting a doctor assigned in some specific situations.

The bug should be fixed in the next patch, as a workaround you can try to fire the cardiology doctor who doesn't have a workspace assigned (Thomas Willams).

I'll be having a look at the janitors as well.
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