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[QUESTION] Prefab Bug Empty [QUESTION] Prefab Bug

Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:39 pm

I just added couple of extra beds on my existing hospitalisation prefab with 4 beds but the system only noticing and using 4 out of the 6 beds that are now available.
Could you please have a look at it?

[QUESTION] Prefab Bug Captur10

Thank you
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[QUESTION] Prefab Bug Empty Re: [QUESTION] Prefab Bug

Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:49 pm
Do the other beds have all relevant equipment to make them active?
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[QUESTION] Prefab Bug Empty Re: [QUESTION] Prefab Bug

Tue Apr 23, 2019 5:22 pm
It looks like they're missing the bedside cabinets of life monitors - could you check if they're displayed in blue in building mode? You can then click the floor of the room to get a list of matching equipment and if you hover over the beds, the required items will get highlighted.
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[QUESTION] Prefab Bug Empty Re: [QUESTION] Prefab Bug

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