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Dr. Bluehelmet
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Gp department Empty Gp department

Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:47 am
Jhello all,
One thing that bugs me a bit about the current Emergency department. Many of the patients showing up there have no business at "Emergency" they are looking for a simple family doctor, general practicioner or whatever you call it.
So i want to create a mod that implements a GP department (working title) to which walk in patients; with simple symptoms, go. Emergency will be reserved for those people that do require urgent treatment (wounds and medium threat symptoms).
Now the problem is that creating a department without hospitalisation is currently problematic. Even more so i have read on another topic that the Emergency department is specifically coded because it is the " entrance to the hospital".
Now the question is how do i go about this... any suggestions or help is most welcome :-)
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