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How can I mod names into my game? Empty How can I mod names into my game?

Tue Apr 21, 2020 10:31 am
I'd really appreciate a short (hopefully) guide on how to do this. I have attempted to undertake the task on myself and ended up with a "!LOC!" indicator above staff names. I know there are mods out there that do this but I don't really enjoy the names they're using. regards.
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How can I mod names into my game? Empty Re: How can I mod names into my game?

Wed Apr 29, 2020 8:11 am
Hi, MedJet, I would like to help you on that! So you must have 2 files to make the mod named.
ModAddon (Most likely you would have it already since you can see the !LOC!)
ModStringTableEn (En stands for english)

* =Must change - Anything that is dotted on both ends you must change

So create a ModStringTableEn or you can change the En for any language like ModStringTableJa (Japanese)
So once you have created it go inside and put

<GameDBStringTable ID="ADDON_MOD_*YOUR CODE*">
<LanguageCode>*Your language (First 2 letters only)*</LanguageCode>
<LanguageNameLocalized>*Language name (Full) *</LanguageNameLocalized>
<Name>*Your name*</Name>


<Text>*YOUR MOD NAME*</Text>


Do not add spaces, if you want spaces use _

That's it, as simple as it is

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