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Doctors filling hospitalisation with minor injuries Empty Doctors filling hospitalisation with minor injuries

Thu Nov 05, 2020 2:31 pm
I was asked on the steam forum to post this question here, with a link to my savegame.

Here it is:


I'm trying to play the doctor mode challenge, but I have an issue that makes my hospitalisation beds flood. Doctors, especially in osteopathy, continuously send patients to hospitalisation, even to HDU's, for minor injuries, like a fractured ankle etc. Can I control somehow how this happen, and can I prevent it? The result is that I have a giant overkill of beds, and still no available beds when a real emergency happens...
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Doctors filling hospitalisation with minor injuries Empty Re: Doctors filling hospitalisation with minor injuries

Fri Nov 06, 2020 2:11 pm
Thank you for the save file I have checked the situation and I hopefully can explain a little bit. Regular ward and also HDU is filled by the patients arriving at hospital by ambulance due to events. In that particular case are much more likely transported to hospitalization. Also, diagnoses of patients spawned due to events are strongly affected by the type/nature of event and presence or absence of departments in your hospital. The second mentioned condition can be applied also for general patient composition (for example if you haven't opened Neurology dept. insurance company does not send the patients with diagnoses affiliated to Neurology dept.). I see that currently the other dept like General surgery or Cardiology are locked but as you progress to other objectives the other department will be unlocked and the patient income (their diagnosis affiliation) will be much more even throughout the departments.
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