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Things that need improvement IMO Empty Things that need improvement IMO

Tue Apr 13, 2021 12:30 am
Hi there,

I think this game is great, Im nearing 700 hours on it. It's cute, its funny, it has a reasonable learning curve. I really like the way it works and its challenges.

But there are a few things that I find very annoying.

First problem :

Patients addmitted into trauma centers are first stablilized with any available doctor, but why does said doctor then leaves the patient instead of starting treatment and diagnostic right away?

Instead, the game assigns another doctor which is often already busy. The result being that time is lost in the chain of patients management and have them collapse. I have to monitor every single patient that enters trauma center just for that reason which I find pointless. At least I don't want my game to transform into that every time my hospital reaches a certain size.

Second problem :

A few random collapses here and there are ok for an hospital of over 100 patients a day, not 10 or more. I usually use 6 trauma centers and just lost a patient which couln"t be admitted because all of the sudden the game decided that yet again 4 patients roaming around for no apparent reason collapsed almost at the same time.
The problem was I already had 3 undiagnosed patients in TCs and couldn't have them moved in time to admit everyone.

If you add to that the fact that the game also sometimes fails to properly assign an available doctor right away in time for treatment in hospitalization, you end up with way too many collapses for my taste.

Third problem :

Why is it that almost all personnel take a break simultaneously in a given service ?

Every morning my huge pharmacy is crowded with people staring at 5 empty desks at 8:30 right when they get out of bed because of that. This should be fully staffed, after all they've only recently arrived and responding to this moment of high demand should be staff's priority.

If it was only such a non critical room, that would be a minor issue but then it also happen in all On-call and nurses room. For obvious reasons this shouldn't be this way.

In an attempt to minimize the effects of that problem,, I try to hire personnel with different bonuses regaring rest but it shouldn't work that way I think.

Fourth problem :

Staff should be able to wait a bit for an item to free itself instead of choosing a free one sometimes way too far. it is especially true with cafeterias, which I always hesitate it use for that reason.

Fith problem :

Regarding hospitalization, I find it would be better managed if only doctor with no OR skills like surgeon or anesthesist would be used for examinations and treatments. This leads to hire more doctore than are actally needed.

For me, if you resolved thoses issues, that game would be much better.

Have a nice day.
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