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Receptionist and how they work Empty Receptionist and how they work

Thu Jul 01, 2021 10:56 am

I'll attach an save where 2 person wait at the reception with an idle receptionist for around 40min and 2 person is low.
At morning there are up to 8 people waiting in front of an idle receptionist and there are also idle doctors.


People reserve a ticket for the reception when they enter the map....
But some of them have a longer way to the reception and maybe go very slow. So other people entering the map later but are faster at the reception.....have to wait.


Only reserve a ticket on entering the reception and if there is no receptionist.... plus have a chance of 50% to go strait to the waitung area.


People can collapse right in front of an idle receptionist and..

a) the receptionist sit there and wait
b) go to eat, drink or relaxe

Sometimes they stand up in this moment but never to help... they fullfill there needs

Some minutes after the collapse an biochemical assistant come and help, but the nurse would be the better help and in reality he/she would be fired after this.

Collapsing people have to break the actual "work" of an receptionist and every other staff (if they are only on the way to or from eating, drinking or relaxing)

Hope you can find a good way to manage this.

Thanks for reading this and thanks for the game
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