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Doctor Mode stops responding Empty Doctor Mode stops responding

Sat Jan 21, 2023 2:50 pm
Periodically, the Doctor Mode sidepanel stops responding. Clicking a different doctor doesn't show that doctor's patients; it just keeps showing the previous ones. Likewise, clicking or mousewheel scrolling to move between pages of displayed patients, in both the "doctor's patients" section and the "controlled patients" section, does not show different patients; it remains stuck on the ones displayed.

Saving the game, exiting to desktop, and restarting reliably fixes the problem, but as I said, it happens periodically, and it gets annoying. (I once tried saving, exiting to the main menu instead of the desktop, and reloading from there, and the problem started again almost immediately, so I haven't tried that again.)

It may be because I have a lot of doctors and patients on that panel, but it's a useful way to handle the game, and I'd like if it worked without this issue!

I have attached my save file ("") and log (""). Again, the bug may not happen immediately; it may take an in-game day or two to occur.


Edit: And when it happened again, I took screenshots. Note that the little black arrow over Jack Hughes in the first pic and over William Adams in the second pic (indicating I switched doctors to display), but the same patients are displayed.
Doctor Mode stops responding Projho11
Doctor Mode stops responding Projho10
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Doctor Mode stops responding Attachment You don't have permission to download attachments.(16 Kb) Downloaded 2 times

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Doctor Mode stops responding Empty Re: Doctor Mode stops responding

Mon Jan 23, 2023 11:12 am
Hi, welcome to the forum and thanks for your report - I'm actually very surprised we or the player community haven't caught this earlier, so this one is especially valuable. Smile

I've already prepared a fix for the next patch, for now here's a quick explanation and some recommendations how to avoid it while playing in the meantime:
The error happens when you're looking at the last page of a doctor's patient list and if the number of their patients (and therefore pages) shrinks. Having the game paused while scrolling through the patient list and going back to the first page should prevent this from happening for now, if it happens again, saving, going back to the main menu (restarting the game might not be necessary) and reloading the save should be a safe workaround as this isn't related to the save itself.

I hope this helps!

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