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Multi trauma centre functionality? Empty Multi trauma centre functionality?

Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:17 pm
Hi to all!

This is a question for the beta testers/development team (or anyone who might just know the ins and outs of the game very well and/or still be playing the beta and be willing to test it out Wink )
While I was pondering my much anticipated hospital building opportunity during next months release - that can't get here soon enough I might add - my mind was contemplating the functionality of the trauma centre in emergency departments. As my design OCD was chugging along with fancy layouts for both appearance and efficiency I came upon the question; can trauma centres accommodate multiple casualties within the same designated TC area if you have the bed space/equipment or do they need to be sectioned off as individual spaces for each single patient requiring the room?

For example, as I'm not entirely sure how well I explained that, if I had a TC with several bays each with their own equipment and the whole ROOM designated as a TC, would patients during a large emergency event (presuming they arrived within a short time of each other, or there were preexisting trauma cases) use the beds/bays within that room while others are in there, or would the BAYS themselves need to be separate TC areas adjoined main room to prevent a single patient being in there while others are forced to wait for these vital facilities?

Note: for the sake of this hypothetical scenario let's assume that I have sufficient staff to treat these multiple emergencies hoping to use my trauma centre and that, if its a compromise for the function of shared trauma centres, swapping off equipment between bays due to nutty computer logic sending staff to go and use equipment that isn't the closest or most conveniently located for them is not a major concern for me.

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