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[NEW] Floating Character/Other Issues Empty [NEW] Floating Character/Other Issues

Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:27 am
Approximately 10 seconds into this save file, you will across the first of three incoming ambulances. The first patient, Sarah Wilson, floats across the map. There are then several errors as her invisible body is bounced from trauma room to trauma room until she is finally visible.

On the last incoming ambulance, a patient named Karen Davis comes in with traumatic cardiac arrest. While there are no real 'bugs' concerning her, the only way to save this player is through direct player control intervention. Even though I tried favoriting the patient and selecting treatments, the AI would override and not respond to it. Even though most people in real life don't survive traumatic cardiac arrest, the 'doctor controls' don't do anything to treat this patient properly. Anyone coming in with traumatic cardiac arrest or other issues that serious should be sent to the ICU by doctor controls, with immediate life sustaining treatments automatically selected and then surgery, not to a HDU bed while still bleeding out. I was ultimately able to save Karen by doing every available treatment myself in the trauma center, then transferring her to the ICU, and doing cardiovascular surgery.

On another note, even when selecting ICU hospitalization, it will say 'Not available' unless you change the department up top.

For those that download it, feel free to make any other comments about my hospital. Very Happy
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