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Hospitalization Empty Hospitalization

on Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:07 pm
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I am about to finish the challenges, and the hospitalization part was very annoying.
The main reason is the fact that I do not understand why the actions I have commanded are not performed right away and why the staff performed this or this action otherwise.

For example, yesterday, on challenge 6 - Neurology, I had 2 persons on ICU.
I have asked for a MRI on both to discover a 'High' hazard symptom.
This MRI have not been performed even though I cancelled and ask for it again and again.
Finally, the woman collapsed another time.
The doctors did not respond right away.
When the first doctor finally came to help her it was too late.
At that time, the man in the bed aside collapsed.
The first doctor just ignored him and go back to his desk.
Then the second doctor realized something was going wrong and came to help ... the dead lady.
He ignored the guy who finally died.

1- The moving action should not be a blocking one.
A person that is moving should be able to stop moving in order to take another action.
This is also the case for patients that, at 18:00, are moving to the waiting room, sit down, and finally realize the hospital is closed.

2- On the department view, we should have the list of the pending actions.
We should be able to change the priority of those actions.
And we should have a warning specifying the reason why this action cannot be performed for now.
We should, also, have the queue of patients with the possibility to change the order of the queue.

3- On the Character sheet of a staff member, we should have a tree view with the patients on the first level and the actions performed on each on the second level.
It should consider only the actions of the current day.
For example, on a nurse, we should have:
- John Doe
    |- Transferred to observation room
    |- Transferred to MRI
    |- Transferred to ward
    |- Checked

Ideally, on 2 & 3 we should have the time when the action has been asked / performed.

4- On the character sheet of a hospitalized patient, we should have an ETA regarding his recovery.
I think, having a mandatory test in order to let the patient go should good in certain circumstances, like a new PCR test for patients having Rabies.
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Hospitalization Empty Re: Hospitalization

on Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:47 pm
I agree with all. These things are really needed and essential.

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