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[RESOLVED] FoundationsType 3 Blocking View in Mgmt Mode Empty [RESOLVED] FoundationsType 3 Blocking View in Mgmt Mode

Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:47 am
When on any floor above the base layer, parts of the foundation layer that are set to FoundationsType="3" show as grey blocks floating in space. When I change the FloorPersistantData for the second floor to FoudationType 0 or 1, the grey block is removed. This allows building on those squares as well, but at least the visual obstruction is removed.

As a note, I've made edits to Tweakables to increase the floor and employee counts, the schedules, insurancecompanies, and StringTableEnNames.xml. Even on a clean install, I'm able to replicate the issues.

Tall MF Tweak 1 result.png - Shows what happens when I change second FloorPersistentData set <Foundation X="0" Y="0" FoundationsType="3" /> into <Foundation X="0" Y="0" FoundationsType="0" />
Tall MF - My testing game file where, admittedly, I've been trying to break the game. Smile - Contains the 4 modified XML files from StreamingAssets\Database as well as the output_log file.
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[RESOLVED] FoundationsType 3 Blocking View in Mgmt Mode Empty Re: [RESOLVED] FoundationsType 3 Blocking View in Mgmt Mode

Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:42 pm
Hi, thanks for the message! Good news - we've already disabled the graying out of locked areas (which is what the value 3 is) on above-the-ground floors and it will be included in the next patch - it makes sense only for the ground floor anyway, there's really no need to prevent extending the upper floors for example above the ambulance parking area.
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