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on Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:46 pm
It would be nice if labs and operating rooms could be shared between departments.
I have several that take up space but are under utilized.

It would also be great to see who is in the que or what is scheduled for various rooms.
Or. A list of which department is using an OR next and who the patient is, same with the radiology department and the scanners.

Adding the option of a portable X-ray machine to emergency would make handing traumas easier.

Also getting other departments involved early for handling a trauma. If someone comes in and needs to go to the OR then they may go there right from Emergency.

Adding day surgery for some procedures would be nice and keep many beds open.

It’s already been mentioned but adding pharmacy, administration, and other services would be terrific.

Also more space to build.
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Shared Use Rooms Empty Re: Shared Use Rooms

on Mon Apr 08, 2019 3:38 pm
Hello and thank you for your feedback & suggestions!

I'll start from the end Wink
Only one way how to get more space to build is to modify specific max floors related parameter in Tweakables.xml - if you will do it, we do not guarantee stability of the game.

We have some open designs on pharmacy, administration, and other services and maybe they will be part of some future DLC Wink

Currently we are working on Medical labs department, that will be added into the game soon as a part of free patch - consisting of various laboratories united in one single department, which allow to use labs more efficiently Wink

Apart from this we are not planning to add shared operation theatres - maybe some corrections or modifications to them will appear in future.

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on Thu Jun 06, 2019 4:13 pm
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Really like the update.

I think it’s already been mentioned, but renaming Radiology as Diagnostic Imaging, and putting Ultrasound under that department would be very helpful.

Someone mentioned having an anesthesiology department.
Something similar could be allowing staff to be assigned to multiple departments.
Ie. An anesthesiologist could be “based” in general surgery but also cover cardiology and IM, while another is only assigned to neurology.

This could work with surgical nurses or other departments as well.

It would be very helpful in radiology where one person can cover Cat scan and x-ray on a night shift.
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